Main Credits

Audio Dramas

Genesis Justin Time
Togey: A Tale of Evil Noah


Voices Keith Simmons, King of Power, Jae-sung Minh, Emerald Ethan, Ryo Furuhige, extras
Heat Wave Surasshu Hiragana, extras
Liar's Truth Wallace Abel Grace
A.I. Am In Love With You Ren Ryuzaki
City B!tch Eduardo
Gleedo Will Schuester
Dungeon Tales Kralle
Dragon Ball SQ Computer

Video Games

Fantasy Fighters Warrior
One Life: Another World Ghado Metcus
Mage's Initiation: Reign of the Elements Kray
Warriors of Valor Lex
Between the Ashes: Slaves of Chaos Psi Leader, GTSC Trafalgar, Recovery 2


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